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What is ERP?

Enterprise resource planning is software that businesses use to manage day-to-day business activities such as purchasing, warehousing, invoicing, project management, risk and compliance management, and supply chain operations

The ERP system also ensures transparency of the complete business process by tracking all aspects of production, logistics and finance. This integrated system acts as an enterprise hub for end-to-end workflow and data, allowing access by various departments.

Advantages of this Czech Open Source ERP


Tailored to your business

Thanks to a wide range of functions and additional plugins, this system can be used in practically every type of business, where a quality tool that combines all business agendas is needed.

Simplification of processes

Clear collection and categorization of data and automation of tasks that can be automated. The maximum simplification of processes will allow you to devote your time and energy to other important tasks.


Centralization of all business functions

You can find all the necessary data for your business in one place. One database, one system.

Production and warehouses

An overview of the preparation, planning and progress of production itself in connection with warehouse management, records of movements in the warehouse and other changes.

Finance and payroll system

Easy administration and management of invoicing and communication with financial institutions.

You can easily connect it with other systems and services

With the help of an API, this Czech ERP software can be easily connected to a number of other useful services, such as Leady, Google Calendar or the Mattermost chat tool.

The system becomes your property

Even with the appropriate codes. As it is an open source ERP solution, you can freely adapt the platform to your specific needs.

Enterprise resource planning has never been easier.

What functions does our ERP system offer?

Do not forget! The above overview of functions is far from exhaustive. As part of its implementation, this Czech ERP software can be supplemented with any other functions as needed.

01. Automation of sales

Convert contacts to leads and opportunities with development forecasts. B2B relationship management. Clear management of all contacts. All this will allow you to conduct your sales more efficiently than ever before.

02. Calendars

This platform’s own calendar can be seamlessly synchronized with both Outlook and Google Calendar. Share your calendars with teammates and business partners. Send automated invitations and reminders. Schedule your tasks, appointments and phone calls with perfect accuracy.

03. Project management

This ERP platform has everything that is needed for effective project management today. Kanbanboard, Gantt chart and other functions that will facilitate the preparation, monitoring and evaluation of your projects.

04. Emails

Sophisticated e-mailing is a pillar of customer relations. AutoERP has everything you need to effectively manage your e-mail correspondence and campaigns.

05. Client supportRespond flexibly to customer questions and comments through the customer portal, which is built into the program.
06. Chatting

AutoERP is connected to the Mattermost chat tool, which along with other associated functions will ensure your business seamless internal and external communication.

07. Call management

Automatic dialing, recording and transcription of calls and their management using artificial intelligence. With AutoERP you will have all your telephone communication under your thumb.

08. Inventory managementOrders, invoices, quotations and product stocks. You can easily manage all this through this program.
09. Marketing

Marketing campaign planning, goal setting, Web-to-Lead, mass email marketing or MailChimp integration. Your marketing team will get a big boost in the marketing automation of AutoERP.

10. Document system

Document management integrated inside our system, ready in its full power.

The document system can be both simple and you can use it directly in the system, and more sophisticated.

11. Reporting system

AutoERP has a perfectly developed reporting system.

You can make statistics and graphs from each entity. Each user has reports on his dashboard that are important to him.

12. Stock system

ERP includes a warehouse system, thanks to which you have an overview of your warehouses and their movements. In combination with the invoicing system, you then have complete warehouse and unloading.

A warehouse system that covers all your needs.

13. Billing system

In the open-source AutoERP you will also find a complete invoicing system. So you have all the information easily searchable directly for each of your customers. Everything clearly, comprehensively and simply.

In addition, everything can be adapted to your specific requirements. Simply in NoCode AutoERP.

14. PIM

If you work with a large amount of data, product data management will be the ideal companion for you.
It will automatically process the entered data, whether uploaded or entered manually, according to the set rules. It then sends the processed data not only to your channels – e-shop, product comparator, tables…

15. Custom features

Do you need functionality that the system does not offer? No problem. You discuss the details with IT architect David, and our programmers take care of the rest.

ERP program price list

Prices vary depending on the size of your company and whether you choose cloud hosting with monthly fees or a one-time implementation on your own servers. You also always have the option of non-binding testing of the demo version of the program.

Jste střední, velká firma, korporace nebo veřejný sektor?

Cena za Low-Code AutoERP je vždy řešena individuálně.

Jaké moduly můžete využít?

Cena se skládá z jednorázového poplatku za implementaci a úpravu systému na míru. Dále pak z pravidelného měsíčního poplatku za správu, cloud, aktualizace, zabezpečení a zálohování celého systému a všech jeho modulů.

V průběhu užívání nevyžadujeme žádné další licenční poplatky ani poplatky za počet uživatelů.

Máte zájem o prezentaci systému nebo demo zdarma? Prosím kontaktujte nás


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