CRM for call centers

Good old call centers remain one of the most efficient ways
how to reach loyal customers or attract new potential clients. Companies that have a call center are usually very dependent on their system and also on their supplier. They often pay quite a bit of money for licenses.

It’s different with AutoCRM. The system is ideal for any call center. And it is made directly for the company. The main advantage of the AutoCRM system is that it uses a single database that stores all necessary customer information. This feature combined with automatic caller ID helps to speed up work process and greatly improves the customer experience, leading to positive feedback binding and higher conversion rates.

The system can not only be connected to a telephone exchange, but the call can also be recorded to the customer directly from a mobile phone.

Everything is stored directly with the customer. In the attachment, see the .mp3 file recorded and saved after the phone call with the client.

The recorded call can also be overwritten in a document. Everything is done through artificial intelligence. Below on the screen you can see the recorded call, which is automatically overwritten in the system.

For an overview, we will introduce what the client looks like.

Of course, the system includes call scheduling, call lists, call calendar. Events on the client and complete records.

The charts will then help you manage the entire call center efficiently. You can measure any part that you record in the system. In the graph you can see e.g. potential source and monitorig call.

Many processes are automated, automation together with a well-built database means high competitiveness, reduces effort and time, so you can move employees to more important positions and pay more attention to customers. Outbound dialing and IVR systems, as well as a speech analysis tool, have been around for some time, but if you really want to revolutionize the call center, consider integrating an AutoCRM system. In addition to improving the efficiency and speed of communication, it also increases the productivity of your workplace.

VoIP extensions

We offer our official VoIP extensions for call centers. Integrates AutoCRM with popular IP telephony services. The extension allows users to see incoming calls in a pop-up window with caller information, see outgoing calls, have quick access to caller history.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to show you the system.