CRM for large companies

Get a perfect overview of all customer and B2B partner data. Automate and speed up your work processes. Use the full potential of this CRM for large companies.

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Advantages of this Czech Open Source CRM

A wealth of basic features that can be extended with additional plugins. You will have a solution at hand that will fit your business like a glove.

You can set up automation of tasks such as: sending invitations and reminders, bulk e-mailing, dialing calls and much, much more and the whole automation yourself.

Maximum clear categorization and data segmentation, which will allow you to more effectively address the target groups of your clients.

With the acquisition, the system becomes your property, including codes; you can further modify it for your needs. And develop without the need for programming.

Clear reporting. You can make the chart you need from each entity in the system. The system continuously generates clear reports for you. You can have them on your dashboard.

Easy connection to other services thanks to API interfaces: Outlook, Google Calendar, Office 365, Leady and more.

What features does our CRM system offer?

01. Sales automationKeeping track of potential customers and converting them more efficiently. Evaluating sales opportunities, more efficient contact management, and other features to help you get your sales up and running. You can create automation between entities.
02. Project managementThere are also classic tools such as the Kanban board or the Gantt chart, but also other tools for easier and more efficient management of even the most complex projects.
03. E-mailsBulk e-mailing, creating templates, e-mail signatures, sorting e-mail correspondence and everything you need to make e-mail a powerful marketing tool.
04. ChattingSmooth communication inside and outside the company is ensured within our CRM by the integrated chat tool Mattermost, which is completely connected to the system and from it you can enter tasks into the CRM system, call, but also have your own meeting room.
05. Supply ManagementYou will have a perfect overview of your product stocks, sales orders, quotations and invoices.
06. CalendarOrganization of meetings, tasks and other important milestones. Sharing dates and deadlines, sending invitations. Sync with Google and Outlook.
07. Phone callsAutomated dialing, the ability to record and store the call in a database and its transcription into written form using artificial intelligence.
But the list is far from over. We offer many more features to help lubricate your company’s gears. Take a look at their complete overview.

Lower costs, higher profits, more satisfied clients, more motivated employees, more effective communication.

Every business owner’s dream can begin to come true with this CRM.

Who uses this CRM system for a larger business team

The benefits of the Open Source CRM system, on which AutoCRM is based, are currently used by over 50,000 companies of various sizes. Thanks to the modular nature of this system, it can be modified to perfectly meet the needs of individual companies.

It can be successfully applied (and it is) so in fields such as banking, e-commerce, manufacturing, tourism, real estate, healthcare, education. Look at all possible areas of application.

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They use AutoCRM to manage a large business team. These are their reviews

Affordable sales management tool

If you decide to purchase our system, you can choose between hosting the system in the cloud with monthly fees, or purchase a complete system for your own server. Decide which solution best suits your needs and technical capabilities.

Try a free demo of the system before you decide to buy the product.

You will see that AutoCRM will be an invaluable helper in your company.

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