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The real estate market is often considered one of the most competitive markets, and this is probably the main reason why efficient and thorough information processing is extremely important for any real estate agent. In addition, in order to succeed and become a professional, real estate agents must be well informed about current transactions, appointments and all other important information that will ensure the growth and development of their company.

Our open source CRM is specially developed to help you and your business by providing an intuitive and simple interface that helps collect and track all data in a single database. Our CRM program, designed specifically for commercial and residential agents and brokers, boasts a wide range of different features that ensure high accuracy, fast and easy access to data for every employee in seconds.

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One of the main benefits of AutoCRM software is that it helps improve your customer service. You don’t have to worry about losing data, because all customer information (including email, phone calls, and even personal requests) is stored in a database. Such a detailed history of communication with customers allows you to provide better results on request and provide useful information and suggestions.

In addition, our CRM platform helps keep all managers and employees organized and productive, saving valuable time and effort. All scheduled transactions, calls and agent meetings are automatically recorded in personal calendars, and our alert system ensures that all your employees are notified of all appointments, tasks, and to-do items during the business day. In addition, your managers will be able to monitor employee activity, change or add current tasks and business transactions.

Another key benefit of the AutoCRM platform is that it helps you automate some time-consuming processes. You can forget about a lot of information about different types of real estate to find one that matches a particular application, our CRM system will do it for you. All you have to do is correctly specify the details of the properties and parameters of the request, and the system will display the properties that match those parameters and send an e-mail to the requester with information about the appropriate properties. In addition, you can add and manage location property types that allow you to search properties by district or city.

Do you still have doubts? Stop hesitating, try AutoCRM and take your real estate agency to the next level!

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