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It is no secret that trade is the sector with the most competition. Of course, if you sell a completely unique product or offer something that is tailored to a very small and different target group, you have no reason to worry about competition.

However, most organizations deal with conventional products or services that are an essential aspect of our daily lives. If you want to stay on top and become a leader – or at least a major player – in your field, a high quality offer is simply not enough. To achieve this, it must become your highest priority to attract and retain clients.

Customer Relationship Management Systems or CRM are developed specifically to help you with this. They can also optimize and improve the way your business operates. They enable you to improve customer service by speeding up and streamlining the client process. As a result, you spend less time performing day-to-day organizational tasks and more time focusing on what’s really important: providing unmatched customer service quality, while attracting new clients and maintaining an existing customer base.

What are the benefits of CRM for business companies?

CRM improves customer database management

Traders will agree that the key to success is knowing who your customers are and what they need. The CRM system serves as a vault with customer data, which provides a 360-degree view of your customers and your interactions with them. It maintains an extensive history of both communications (calls, appointments, e-mails) and purchases, allowing you to personalize your approach to each customer. With this information at hand, you can segment your customer base and easily create individual offers and discounts based on an analysis of the preferences and behavior of each segment. In addition to helping you gain an overview of how your customers think, the software also helps you organize and systematize information about your current and potential clients, suppliers, partners, investors and resellers.

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CRM optimizes product management

CRM software enables product catalog management at a new, more advanced level. You can add the goods and services you offer, monitor their availability, define prices, add their characteristics and properties, set different discounts and tax rates, and divide them into different categories. The system allows you to filter long lists of products, quickly find the required item, add it to your offers, sales orders, invoices. All this allows you to adapt to customers’ shopping preferences and stay informed about current market trends.

CRM simplifies the sales process and reduces paperwork

The main goal of salespeople is to keep customers satisfied by having their orders delivered on time. However, the faster your business grows, the more difficult it is to effectively manage sales processes and keep documents in order. A CRM system can significantly improve your sales performance and automate the flow of documents. With its help, you can monitor the progress of trades in real time, automate the creation of calls or other subsequent actions and, of course, streamline the process of generating and sending offers, sales orders, invoices, etc., by configuring templates for them. This saves your employees a lot of time, increases their productivity and allows them to focus on more important tasks.

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CRM improves communication processes

The success of a business largely depends on the quality of communication, both internal (between teams) and external (with customers). However, maintaining clear and effective communication is a relatively challenging task. With a large number of internal messages, letters and calls from customers, business notes, records inevitably break down. The CRM system optimizes communication processes throughout the company. It helps you connect with your customers through all possible communication channels (including phone calls, e-mails, text messages and social networks) and stores the communication history in one place. In addition, the software automates communication within teams and between departments by displaying real-time record updates and changes, workload, and employee availability during business hours. This gives each employee access to relevant information and keeps your company in one cohesive whole.

CRM simplifies the sales process and reduces paperwork.

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