Do not pay unnecessarily for software licenses or users. We have an economical solution!

I’m sitting in the office and reading about the ongoing crisis and I’m really starting to wonder why so many companies are still paying sometimes even 440 USD per month and more for software licenses.

For some, 440 is little and for some a lot. And imagine that there are companies that pay many times more for these licenses. I’m not talking about state conditions at all. That’s where we all pay for it and it’s still there. Just the other day I received such an email, so I’m happy to put it here so you can see that I’m not the only one who sees it. There are more of us. It’s just not a lot of people here want to hear it. That there would be a better, more efficient and more economical solution.


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Yes, it’s Open Source, but there are so few companies that know about it that you’re pretty much always going to run into someone who says one of these phrases. Which of course we at the store hear almost every day. Do you recognize any of these phrases?

  • There is no such software in Open Source as you need
  • Nothing is free, you pay here too, but just for running the system and so it’s a bit less. (n.a. – it’s not a little less, it can sometimes be many times less)
  • Open Source is dangerous. (n.a. watch out for these people, they don’t know much about IT)
  • etc etc.

There are a lot of arguments from the proponents of paid SW. I know almost all of them because some of these clients then come to us and ask about all of this.


Apertia Tech – we do IT audits in companies and show which software can be replaced by Open Source solutions. This not only saves companies on software costs in the long run.

Come and talk to us. David Strejc and his team have a lot of experience not only in corporations, but most importantly he is a great expert in Open Source systems.

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