Outlook and CRM integration

Integration and synchronization with Outlook is also available as an extension of the AutoCRM corporate system.

Setting up the integration itself is done by the administrator in the AutoCRM System Administration user environment. Synchronisation then takes place at the calendar event level, at the contact level, and at the email level.

Calendar synchronisation
Three synchronization modes are supported:

  • From Outlook to AutoCRM
  • From AutoCRM to Outlook
  • Mutual synchronization

In the calendar, you can synchronise :

  1. Appointments, Calls, and custom Event type entities can be synchronized from AutoCRM to Outlook.
  2. Subscribers are synchronized from Outlook to AutoCRM as Contacts, Potential Customers and Users.
  3. Subscribers are not synchronized from AutoCRM to Outlook.
  4. Repetitive Outlook activities are not synchronized to AutoCRM.

Contact synchronisation
Provides the ability to send contacts from AutoCRM to Outlook to a specific folder. The fields sent are: first name, last name, email address, phone number and account name.

Synchronising emails
Synchronization proceeds via IMAP and SMTP protocols. There is no need to store the password from Outlook in AutoCRM.

The same principle of integration and synchronisation applies to Google.

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