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Open source PIM system
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Do you work with data from multiple vendors?

This Open Source PIM system should not be left out of your business.

What is PIM?

PIM (Product Information Management, or product data management) is a system for managing all the information needed to market products or services and sell products through distribution channels. It automatically processes the entered data, whether uploaded or entered manually, according to the rules you set. It then sends the processed data not only to your channels – e-shop, product comparator, tables…

Why use PIM?

Lower error rate

The centralization of product information enables a simpler check of the correctness of data, both programmatically and manually.

More sales

Complete information about the product increases the chance that the customer will order from you.

Less returns

By delivering accurate and, above all, complete information, you reduce the risk of returns.

Data preparation

A well-set PIM will speed up and simplify the inclusion of new products in the offer and the generation of data for the catalog.


Manual rewriting of data will be a thing of the past, PIM will solve all the routine work for you.

Foreign market

Data managed in PIM can be easily translated and then exported to formats used by, for example, Amazon.

Reduce costs when working with large amounts of external data.

Work with data at a professional level

Advantages of this Czech Open Source PIM


Importing different feed data types

Feeds from all your suppliers will never be a problem again. PIM processes everything regardless of the data type of the input data. Different column names and data structure.


Automatic data formatting

Not only the feeds, but also the data itself can be very different, even within the same supplier. PIM processes all data into the required format.


Centralized data for convenient management

Each data sometimes needs to be edited manually. Editing of centralized data increases efficiency and reduces the error rate of workers.



Export valid feeds of your aggregated data to other partners or benchmarkers.

Data classification with the help of AI

Artificial intelligence automatically classifies data, is able to detect errors.

You can easily connect it with other systems and services

With the help of an API, this Czech PIM software can be easily connected to a number of other useful services.

The system becomes your property

Even with the appropriate codes. As an open source CRM solution, you can freely adapt the platform to your specific needs.

And the list is far from over. ​

Connection with the e-shop

We can connect your new PIM system to your e-shop within the API. Or create a new e-shop for you!

We build websites on the same principles as our company systems. So if you also decide on a website, you will get a complete Open Source solution from us. You become the owners of the website code itself. The database and all data in it are of course accessible to you.

Thanks to WordPress, on which the e-shop is built, the e-shop can be further developed by supplying the necessary functionalities, which are often already ready, because someone before you also needed them. We can manage the e-shop for you, but it can also be built in such a way that you handle the basic administration yourself.

Use this system for your business as well.

How to work with us?



Initial acquaintance with each other. We will find out what your idea of the system’s functionality is, how your company works and how we could improve its functioning even more in the new system.


Design consultation

If you need a customized system. Our architect David will create a system design according to your requirements and consult it with you on a clear chart during an online conference.


First deployment

Our programmers get the first data and work on deploying the basic version, which you get access to and adjust all the functionalities and add-ons based on your requirements.


Import of data

The system is complete. We import the first data, we use it mainly to test the functionality of the system in comparison with the possible original system.


Sharp version

We will finish the tests by running the complete sharp version of the PIM system. We will import all the data again and you can start using the system to its full potential.


The cooperation does not end

We stay in touch with you, resolve service requests, expand and further develop the system according to your needs.


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