Vendor Management System

Do you need a system that will provide you with effective supplier relationship management, including communication, delivery planning and management, invoicing, payment planning and delivery quality monitoring? You need a supplier management system or VMS! And we at AutoCRM can provide it for you, thanks to the enormous flexibility of our CRM system.


What is a Vendor Management System?

A Vendor Management System is a system that helps manage the processes that organisations use to manage their suppliers. Supplier management includes activities such as selecting suppliers, negotiating contracts, controlling costs, mitigating supplier-related risks and ensuring service delivery.


Vendor Management System suppliers


The suppliers used by companies can vary considerably depending on the nature of the organisation and can include companies as diverse as suppliers of installation accessories, a security agency supplying manpower in the form of security guards or consultants. The modular CRM | ERP system can handle it all.


Vendor Management System add product
Creating a product ordered from a specific supplier


Effective supplier management reduces the risk of supply chain disruption and ensures that the goods and services you provide are delivered on time and to the expected quality. Furthermore, an effective supplier management process can help achieving business objectives, such as seizing cost-saving opportunities, as well as taking steps to accelerate the adaptation process. It will also help companies build stronger relationships with their suppliers, which can lead to opportunities to negotiate better rates.


What can VMS do? And when you create it on a modeler, sometimes even more.


  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Invoicing
  • Registration and management of contracts with suppliers
  • Monitoring supplier resources
  • Supply planning and management
  • Supply quality management and assessment
  • Monitoring of payment terms
  • Managing risks associated with suppliers
  • Analytical and reporting functions

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