CRM for insurance

Building strong relationships with customers and working carefully with their data will become a little easierthanks to our CRM for insurance companies.

Use your client data more effectively. Predict and meet their needs. Personalise your communication with them.

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Do you know your clients well? With CRM for insurance companies, yes

The key to success in the insurance industry – and beyond – is gaining customer trust. A customer shouldn’t be just another anonymous entry in your client database. And your company shouldn’t just be a service provider and a name on a contract that will be replaced at the earliest opportunity.

Our CRM system will help you avoid such a situation. Get to know your clients better and offer them relevant services with features like…

Central database

Having all the data and information about your clients easily accessible in one place really saves a lot of effort. Each of your customers has a profile in the database, where you can not only see their personal data, but also change or add to it. Family relationships, interests, contract and communication history, creditworthiness and much more - all of this allows you to provide a truly tailored service.

Clear customer classification

Divide your clients into different groups and segments according to your defined customer criteria.

Automated notifications and offers

Before the expiration of a given contract, the system can automatically send out a notification to clients or offer a new product straight away. Keep your existing customers and don't miss out on any new business opportunities.


AutoCRM is not only suitable for collecting data, but thanks to its advanced analytical functions, it can also help you analyse and evaluate it. The results of such analyses are then presented to you in clear automated reports.

Making your employees' work more efficient

AutoCRM is not only suitable for improving your company's customer relationships, but it can also help improve processes within your company. Automation of routine activities, better planning and synchronization of tasks, improved communication between departments, sales monitoring and much more will become much easier with the acquisition of our system.

Record calls and transcribe calls to a document

Of course, it is also possible to record calls not only from a landline but also from a mobile phone. Another option is to transcribe the conversation into a document using AI.

Modular CRM software for insurance companies

AutoCRM can offer dozens of essential features that can dramatically improve your company’s operations.

Sales automation tools, calendars, emailing, project management, an integrated chat tool, a call center, or features to enhance customer support and marketing automation and more – you’ll be able to take advantage of all of this at the same time you purchase the software.

Take a closer look at the functions offered by AutoCRM here.

Our CRM is Opensource software that you can customize to your own needs. The source codes become your property with the purchase, so you can further customize and develop the CRM as needed.

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How do you wish to implement the software for insurance companies?

When purchasing AutoCRM, we offer a double option – you can implement the system on your own servers if you have sufficient facilities to do so. In this case, you pay a single price and the system is completely yours. If you do not have sufficient capacity for your own implementation, you can choose the option of cloud hosting for a monthly fee – you save yourself technical worries and just enjoy all the features of the system.
As for the pricing of both solutions, it also depends on the size of your company and the range of features you want to use.

AutoCRM User Reviews

If you are not completely convinced of the benefits of this CRM for your insurance company, we would be happy to let you try a free demo.

See for yourself if AutoCRM is what you are looking for.

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