CRM for medium-sized companies

Využijte veškerýTake advantage of all the benefits of top Open Source CRM for medium-sized výhod špičkového Opensource CRM pro střední firmy. Improve your workflows, automate stereotypical tasks, and build strong relationships with clients and business partners.

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CRM for medium-sized companies really offers a lot

Not only medium-sized companies, but companies of virtually any size can make the most of our CRM to their advantage.

A robust base of features to help you run your business more efficiently. In addition, other modular plugins that can add to this base as needed.

Save time and energy by automating tasks such as e-mailing, dialing, reporting and much more. All this frees your hands for other necessary work.

Intuitive operation. You will learn to work with the program very quickly; You will enjoy its benefits indefinitely.

Emphasis on effective categorization and sorting of data, which will allow you to individualize your communication towards clients and B2B partners.

Ability to connect AutoCRM with other services (eg Google Calendar, Office 365, Outlook, etc.) via API.

You also get the system with codes, so you can continue to modify and adapt it to what your business specifically needs.

CRM for a medium-sized company - up to 15 employees

Our basic CRM offer for medium-sized companies differs slightly from the offer for small companies and large companies. The package for medium-sized companies does not include some of the functions that medium-sized companies usually do not use or rarely use.

However, this does not mean that you have to say goodbye to such functions. We emphasize tailor-made solutions. Therefore, if the functions that are more suitable for large companies pay off for your company, they can also be implemented in your CRM package.

The range of features that AutoCRM offers includes, but is not limited to:

01. Project management Kanban board, Gantt chart and other features that make project management easier. A common part of the package for large companies, which does not have to be denied even to medium-sized companies but.
02.Sales automation Easier conversions thanks to better management of contacts and their data, automatic evaluation of sales opportunities and reaching potential customers. Your profits can increase with this set of tools.
03.Comprehensive e-mailing Creating templates, bulk and personalized e-mailing, more efficient sorting of e-mail correspondence and preparation of e-mail campaigns. It will be a breeze with AutoCRM.
04. Chat The Open source chat tool Mattermost can be integrated into AutoCRM, which also has a number of other functions (eg file sharing).
05. Calendar With the AutoCRM calendar, neither you nor any member of your team will miss any important milestones. It is also possible to synchronize with Google Calendar.
06. More efficient phone callsAutomatic client dialing, call recording and transcription. AutoCRM also uses artificial intelligence for better call management.

These and other tools can soon serve your business as well. See more functions,whose list here would be too lengthy.

Streamline processes within your company and communication outwards.

With AutoCRM, you achieve both sooner than you might expect.

CRM for small and medium-sized companies across industries

The Open Source CRM system, which is also used by our AutoCRM, has already proven itself to more than 50,000 companies around the world. This is precisely due to the possibility of any modifications that allow it to be modified so that every company fits like a shell.

Schools, medical facilities, banks, manufacturing companies and countless other companies and institutions successfully use this system on a daily basis. Take a look at the different areas of application,where it has already been applied.

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If you want to get AutoCRM for your midsize business, you have two options:

Try AutoCRM for free first if you are in doubt.

See for yourself if it fits you and your business!