CRM system for companies

A system that uses more than 50 thousand companies around the world and is therefore suitable for companies from

5 – 300 employees.

You only pay for the implementation and then it becomes your property.

We provide system administration and development.

What you will find in AutoCRM:

  • clear dashboard

  • project management

  • analytical tools

  • Kanban Board, tasks and overview of hours worked

  • completely processed business process (from potential, through acquisition, to contact)

  • organization and contacts – all completely connected to the whole system

  • calendars, appointments, calls

  • document system

  • campaigns and newsletters

  • each user can have their own individual settings

  • reports

  • warehouses

  • products

  • and many others

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Automatizovaný systém pro řízení firmy

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Automated system for company management

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