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Automated B2B and B2C e-shop and completely integrated with AutoCRM and ERP

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data synchronization


multiple e-shops in one installation


advanced marketing features


all under one roof - one supplier

we are building on the world's largest system


we ensure maximum data security


multilingual and multicurrency e-shop with its own administration

modern design of 2022

calculation of transport from all over the world


wide range of integration options

Under the brand WPDistro we implement specialized E-Shops connected not only to AutoCRM

With WPDistro, we embarked on the difficult task of launching a multilingual catalog, which will also be ready to become an e-shop in selected countries. Together, with a clear vision, and above all thanks to David's expertise, we created a sophisticated solution.

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Martin Šenfeld
ECG Electro

I wanted a system that could be updated regularly and therefore last for me. In addition, the graphics can be easily changed from the front of the page. What more could you want from an e-shop? Not to mention that there are a lot of marketing functions to increase sales. I am glad to be working with Apertia, or

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Jaroslav Kozlík

What will your e-shop be able to do on WordPress?

All the necessary functions

When creating an e-shop on WordPress, any functions can be provided through plugins. We will ensure the localization and multilinguality of your website, support for different currencies, the possibility of choosing transport, connect the website to payment gateways and anything else. Through the e-shop, you can publish articles on social networks, you can send newsletters to your customers, monitor important statistics, etc.

Easy site management

The WordPress e-shop is equipped with a clear user interface that anyone can work with. You can easily edit and add items, edit text and graphic content, create articles, add other users, etc.

In addition, you can easily change the appearance and content yourself at any time thanks to the drag & drop system in Elementor.

Wide range of appearance options

For an e-shop, WordPress offers unlimited options for appearance variants. We will create a customized look for you, which will best describe your business in terms of design and color. We will make sure that your e-shop is attractive enough so that customers decide to buy from you. The appearance will of course be fully responsive. We create on Elementor, which ensures that customers can easily change the design at any time.


WordPress offers great options for SEO settings. It is easy to set meta information, important keywords, add texts, set the correct website structure and SSL certificate, and optimize the content for fast loading. Search engines will love the finished e-shop and with minimal effort it will be easy to get it to the top positions.


Your e-shop will be fully secured against external attacks thanks to our hosting, where we take care of e-shops built on WordPress. All user data will be encrypted and we can also set up two-factor authentication for logging into the website administration.

The fastest development option

Thanks to the fact that WordPress is the largest system in the world, you will no longer have to wait for functionality for 2-3 months or longer. The function you need to implement was most likely already needed by someone before you, so it will be simple and time-saving to implement it on your website as well.

Thanks to the global community, you can have all the functionalities you see on foreign websites.

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