Warehouse management and data terminals

Until today, many companies manage their warehouses in a way that takes up a lot of time and often space in the warehouse. The employees do have a system at hand, but they enter everything into it manually. Warehouse management can be done very smartly and efficiently with today’s technology. Warehouse management and data terminals go hand in hand and can be a full-fledged part of CRM or ERP and data entry into the system can be partially automated.


CRM and warehouse management

Warehouse management is an important part of many CRM and ERP systems. These systems allow real-time tracking and management of inventory, orders and suppliers to help minimize losses.


Warehouse management and data terminals


Within a CRM system, warehouse management usually focuses on tracking and managing product catalogues, quotations, orders and invoicing. ERP systems then typically include broader warehouse management functionality, often particularly useful in larger companies, such as receiving, warehousing, quality control, packaging, transport planning, distribution and more. These systems enable better real-time inventory tracking and ensure that inventory is managed in accordance with company procedures and standards.

CRM and ERP systems enable better inventory management and ensure greater efficiency and productivity of warehouse operations. Everything can be monitored and controlled from one place.


Use of terminals and mobile readers

Čtečky zajišťují zvýšení efektivity a snížení chybovosti. They are also a great help during inventory and in conjunction with a sophisticated system, they provide information on warehouse operations and thus improve the overview of the current number of products, deliveries and collections. Using the reports, you can also find out, for example, which product is decreasing in demand or, on the contrary, at what time of the year it is advisable to request more units from the supplier due to increased purchases. This avoids long-term storage of products that nobody wants and increases customer satisfaction not only during shopping waves.


data terminals


If you already use data terminals or mobile readers, connecting to a CRM system will be a big step forward. In AutoCRM we can connect any readers to the warehouses in the system and automate the subsequent steps.


Advantages of data terminals in points:

  • Speed and accuracy in inventory and goods movement
  • Improve efficiency and productivity of warehouse operations
  • Reduce errors and increase stock management accuracy
  • Immediate data entry and updating in the system
  • Integration with other systems (e.g. ERP, WMS, CRM)
  • Improve inventory tracking and reduce storage costs
  • Increased customer satisfaction through faster order processing


skladovy sytem


At AutoCRM, we can provide you with the integration of your warehouse management system into a basic CRM or ERP system. Thanks to the modularity of our CRM, you can use other systems for invoicing, attendance, MLM with a commission system and much more as your business grows (or even right away). With the same idea of flexibility and scalability, we also create web presentations and e-shops fully interconnected with AutoCRM; for larger projects, CRM is then upgraded to PIM, which provides information management necessary for marketing products or services.

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