Creating and sending email campaigns in CRM

A marketing campaign can be created directly in the CRM and emailed to a list of selected email addresses. The first step is to create just a mailing list – the so-called. Target list. It can be created either manually by adding individual contacts, or by selecting from existing Contacts, Organizations (Companies), or Users in CRM, or most simply by using reports. The report will always automatically include all contacts from CRM according to the specified criteria – e.g. all contacts that are marked as Client.

screen 32 1

The next step is to create an Email Template, i.e. basically the content and form of the message to be sent, both the text itself and attachments of various formats.

screen 34

Wildcards can also be inserted into the text, e.g.:

screen 33

The last step is to create the Campaign itself. Here we select the Target List to which the campaign will be sent. Next, select which email template you currently want to send. We can use one Campaign repeatedly, i.e. send in several waves, or even send different content (i.e. different email templates).

screen 35

We can track which recipient opened the email directly in the campaign. By setting the option to track selected URLs, you can then evaluate clicks to those URLs. Other statistics and views of campaign success can also be set up and evaluated.

screen 37
screen 38

For newsletters we recommend:

  1. Is it ideal to write the newsletter so that it is not in a graphic template? Do you know why? – because google is already so intelligent that it automatically puts these messages into promotion and the recipients don’t go to the main inbox.
  2. So how to write? Preferably in such a way that it looks like a letter to your grandmother. With max 1-2 links.
  3. You can also have beautiful graphic templates in our system, but we don’t use them for the reasons mentioned above.

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